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LOCAL PROMOTER AIR + Style Innsbruck Tirol 2016

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Air + Style Innsbruck-Tirol


By purchasing a ticket, the buyer and ticket holder submits the following terms and conditions of the organizer:

§ 1 – The event site is valid all the Bergisel Stadium to the designated control floodgates of private security.

§ 2 – children up to 8 years – even when accompanied by a parent or guardian – the access is prohibited. Children and adolescents aged 8 to 14 years are admitted only if accompanied by an adult guardian. The Tyrolean Youth Protection Act must be respected in any case by the visitors.

§ 3 – At concerts or at events with music may be due to the volume risk of possible hearing damage and health. It can lead to crowding circulatory weaknesses and injuries, for which the organizer accepts no liability.

§ 4 – For damage and contamination of any kind in, on and around the stadium or at home furnishings, appliances or other objects liable to the polluter. Accidents and damage in the event area are immediately to the organizer, or display the local regulatory and safety bodies.

§ 5 – The capacity of the items that can be used as missiles, very fragile objects as well as umbrellas, pyrotechnical devices, fire / flares, klaxons, and weapons are prohibited by the police. Bringing drinks (alcoholic / antialkoholisch in cans, glass, PET) is strictly says. Failure to comply with reference occurs from the event area without any refund of the admission price. Thermos flasks to 1.0 Lt. with non-alcoholic beverages are allowed hot.

§ 6 – The organs of the organizer, supervisory and private security are empowered people who want to have access to the event to search for dangerous or prohibited items. They are also entitled to examine the containers carried on dangerous objects. When in doubt, the classification of goods is responsible as prohibited or permitted under these Conditions the competent Security Officer. The organs of the Security Service are entitled to conduct the above items. Removed objects are considered garbage – the organizer accepts no liability or duty wardrobe.

§ 7 – The organs of the Security Service are entitled persons who refuse a search or dangerous or prohibited articles will carry the event grounds to deny access to the event. Those visitors who are known or potential troublemakers, apparently under influence of alcohol or drugs, access is also denied.

§ 8 – The right to refuse entry for good cause, the organizer and its organs shall be reserved. The stay in the stadium requires a valid authorization. The admission ticket at any time before and show during the event upon request.

§ 9 – All persons entering the stadium have to behave in such a way that no other people injured, harmed, threatened, be obstructed or inconvenienced. The orders of the supervisory and private security or the police for the purpose of maintaining order and security must be complied with immediately. Failure to follow these arrangements or a disregard of access order will be punished and pulls the reference from the event site by itself.

§ 10 – audio, photo, film and video recordings of the event may not be used commercially without the written consent of the organizer. Abuse will be prosecuted.

§ 11 – Contractual relations come about through the purchase of a ticket exclusively between the purchaser or holder of the ticket and the organizer. When leaving the event site, the ticket becomes invalid.

§ 12 – The right-wing extremist slogans and distributing wearing such symbols lead to exclusion from the event.

§ 13 – In case of unforeseen events like large crowds, overcrowding of one or more venues, in emergencies, bottlenecks, dangerous and crowded gatherings of people, as well as other security-related incidents, the organizers give access to individual venues may temporarily or restrict partial or prohibit entirely without a refund of the admission price will be made. The organizer does not guarantee or warrant that all venues are immediately and fully accessible at all times during the event. It is at the discretion of the organizer to lock individual areas of the venue. For the visitor arise in such a case, no claims for compensation.

§ 14 – The organizer reserves the right to modify without notice the program. Such a change does not entitle to return tickets or to recover the entrance fee.

§ 15 – When entering the event site, the cardholder agrees to be filmed or photographed, no objection to a whatsoever Publication live or at a later date to raise or what whatsoever claims in this regard to the organizer or to ask its contractors.

§ 16 – All entrances and exits, as well as the emergency, escape and rescue routes must be kept clear. It can further necessary requirements for individual cases to prevent or eliminate danger to life, health or property, shall be adopted. The provisions adopted for this purpose instructions from the security and law enforcement or police officers to be obeyed.

§ 17 – The distribution of leaflets, stickers, magazines or the sale of goods of all kinds must be approved by the organizer. The unauthorized incorporation of advertising materials of any kind (eg banners, brochures, newspapers, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

§ 18 – In the whole Stadium section is absolute dog ban.

§ 19 – For safety reasons, no strollers, other bulky items (bumps, chairs, etc.), and pets are introduced into the event area.

§ 20 – tickets are marked with the date (day -or two-day ticket) and barcode. The bar code is valid once for the initial scan on the spot, any further copying, any disclosure, therefore, prevents the access to the event site. In case of loss, theft or loss of a ticket by the Authority or the private security as a result of misconduct, there are no claims whatsoever against the organizer. 

§ 22 – For tickets that are available through other channels than those pre-sales questions stated by the organizers, there is a danger that it is lost, stolen, forged, damaged, unreadable or illegally procured tickets. The organizer reserves the right to the owners of such tickets to deny access to the event site, and is neither obliged to reimburse other handling charges still afford to spare.

§ 23 – In the event there is an outdoor event. The risk of program changes, postponements, and cancellations must therefore be described as typical risk. In case of cancellation, total or partial non-implementation of an event, for whatever reason (weather, force majeure, national mourning, etc.) and by which exercise disciplinary powers always (authority, etc.) at any time, no refund of the purchase price. The organizer is not liable for the consequences to the customer by a possible cancellation of the event costs (damages such as travel expenses, meals, lodging, etc.).

§ 24 – Admission Cardholder bears all the risks and dangers associated with attending the event in question, regardless of location (inside buildings or outdoors) and time (before, during or after the event).


This Policy is valid from 01.31.2016 / 00.00 clock until 02.07.2016 / 24:00 clock


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